HJR77 Convention of States

HJR 77 is currently under consideration by a Select Committee of the Texas Legislature.  This bill would authorize the State of Texas to process an application to join other states in a convention of the type described in Article V of the U.S. Constitution.  Article V was the fifth article included in the U.S. Constitution for the express purpose of assuring the Federal Government could be constrained if it ever became out of control of the states that enabled its establishment.  Lots of things have changed since those days, including the dumbing down of the population about the purpose and intent of a democratic Republic and how it was suppose to work.

Regretfully, the Texas Eagle Forum is misinformed about Article V and the process by which provisions within the HJR 77 application mandates its execution.  The information being circulated is both inaccurate and misleading.  There have been many contrived renditions of how the Article V process would work, and even misleading, inaccurate terms purposefully being used to direct attention away from its true purpose. 

  • The underlying application participation in HJR 77 proposes a Convention of States, which does not equal a Constitutional Convention.
  • The carbon-copy application being processed by states specifies a limited agenda.
  • The carbon-copy application being processed by states also prescribes restricted delegate activity which is subject to the scrutiny of their State.
  • Article V does not authorize or provide for Congress to participate in a Convention of States.
  • Article V limits Congress to a face-saving option of deciding whether they ratify, or the States ratify any resulting actions, including Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

It should be noted that the Texas Eagle Forum article being circulated refers to positions and interpretations presented by Congress, Congressional special interest groups, and others with an interest to prevent a Convention of States having the potential of limiting the powers they have become accustomed to exercising.

It is no surprise that terms and phrases like "liberals" and "rewriting the U.S. Constitution" would be used in an attempt to instil fear among State representatives.

As State Legislators, the most challenging aspect of the Article V process is gathering the strength of character needed to stand up to the coercers of Washington and those weakened by its trappings, including our friends, who we have placed as representatives of these states in Washington.

Please remain resolute in your position to hold strong in defending the liberty and rights of each state.  Support HJR 77.