SB10 Fox Watching Hen House

Rick Casey writes in today's San Antonio Express News about his rightful opposition to SB 10, the legislation proposed by Sen. Joan Huffman from Houston, that would open the doors for corrupt local public servants and elected officials.  Objectivity would be completely lost if a bought-and-paid-for District Attourney could exercise prosecutorial discretion (more than presently) when considering wrong doing by any number of local public servants or elected officials.  The idea gives a whole new definition to the term "public integrity" and would make the office of District Attorney the most powerful political position in the neighbor(la)hood.  Infractions on public trust would become a commodity traded with impunity.  It is already next to impossible to get any law enforcement official to pursue a case involving public corruption.  The Sharpstown scandal case that resulted in the Texas Open Meetings Act and Texas Open Records Act would have never seen the light of day.  Mr. Patrick needs to be reminded of this pivotal time in Texas history so he won't so readily support SB 10.