HB1288 Stops Straight Party Voting

House Bill 1288 is a bill introduced by Rep. Ron Simmons that would amend Section 62.011(c) of the Election Code resulting in the elimination of straight party voting in Texas.  Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (champion of legislation addressing abortion clinic safety during last session that drew a windy Davis filibuster) Chairs the House Committee on Elections that will process HB 1288 further action.

The potential for tragedy resulting from voters casting ballots without having some understanding of the underlying circumstance cannot be understated.  The historical record of ill suited individuals being elected to public office and the resulting harm caused by their activities while in office cannot be ignored.

It is only prudent that we should compel the highest level of conscious decision making in the selection process by anyone who casts a ballot.  To dilute the significance of a vote by enabling thoughtless action is to enable the winds of the political weather to dictate the quality of leadership.

Blind loyalty narrows the scope of representation and serves to concentrate political power in the hands of leaders who march to the drum beat of special interests that increasingly compete and conflict with the people.  There is no good reason for party affiliation to be the sole criteria resulting in ill suited malleable individuals being seated at a desk of public service.  The minimum requirement for casting a vote should include some measure of specific individual evaluation and comparison in each race.  Removing the conformity at the ballot box may likely result in more thoughtful decisions by elected representatives during the legislative process.

House Committee on Elections

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, Chair
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Rep. Craig Goldman, Vice Chair
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Rep. Pat Fallon
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