The Cost of Living in Richardson

easyfoolMore than a decade has passed since a small number of attentive citizens attempted to alert the community about out of control spending at City Hall. Now, the spendthrifts have abandoned the city and the aftermath is tragic for those who have no place to live but Richardson. 

Like a gang of drug dealers, in November of 2015 city leaders pushed another bond program that resulted in piling on another $115,000,000 in debt to tend to a repeated list of neglected infrastructure items. 

Ever since the Eisemann Center debaucle of 1998, unscrupulous refinancing of debt has become the black hole of the public financial resources while the city crumbled.  It is easy to conclude that planning ahead has fallen behind as a priority.  Who borrows money to stripe the streets or paint the water towers?  Who pledges tax revenue to fund special interests instead of government responsibilities?  Richardson, that's who.

brokebenchHad the previous quater-billion dollars been well spent, a significant amount of the aging and failing city structures could have already had a face lift.  More importantly, had Management engaged in advanced planning 30 years ago, sufficient funds would have accumulated in preparation for maintenance, repair, and replacement.  A windshield tour with corrective lenses clearly reveals what the aged eyesight of City Council has grown too macularly degenerated to see.

Perhaps this explains why the population growth rate of Richardson is 15% lower than the State of Texas and the average age has dramatically increased.  What upwardly mobile young person would want to live under a mountain of debt in a town so obviously poorly maintained? 

Next time the leadership wants to compare salaries with other cities, discount that by at least 15%.

Richardson Debt Profile