Richardson Mayor Lobbys for Higher Taxes

Promising retribution against elected officials in higher offices, City of Richardson Mayor, Paul Voelker and other local special interests pressed members of the Texas Legislature to vote for continuing out of control local government spending.  Paul Voelker is exploiting the resources of public office of Mayor to lobby against citizens of Richardson on the issue of property tax reform.

Current law only provides citizens with the opportunity to attempt to gather a sufficient number of petition signatures to enable a public vote on high property taxes if the amount of money collected is 8% above the previous period.  In other words, citizens do not get to vote on higher taxes unless a petition is signed by a significant number of registered and qualified voters.  The petition process is used to prevent citizens from imposing the public will on local government spending by public servants.

The legislation Mayor Voelker opposes would provide for an automatic election that would result in requiring citizen approval when property taxes increase more than

Senate Bill 1 seeks to reform Texas property tax law by requiring local governments to obtain citizen approval when taxes increase above acceptable limits.  Simply put, Mayor Voelker does not want the citizens of Richardson to have any control over increases in property taxes.

The average property tax bill in Richardson has increased 80%-100% over the course of the past 10 years.  That means the amount of money citizens have paid has doubled and the amount of money the city has spent has also doubled.  The question becomes, how many property owners have had their paycheck doubled.  More significantly, what about government has doubled in value?