Deceptive Practice

Noah.Ray Most Richardson residents would not know that Raymond D. Noah, the long-sitting Municipal Judge  and former mayor (1968-1983) for the city of Richardson has been enjoying the trappings of our expansive court system here in town while possibly violating Section 7.03 of the City Charter. 

Well, to be fair, the truth is he is not being forthright somewhere.  That somewhere is either at the State Bar of Texas or to the City Council who has been appointing him as a "practicing attorney" over and over for the past few decades.  It is somewhat curious that the transparency ends at the courthouse door.

The operative phrase in the City Charter is "practicing attorney".  About ten years ago the 50+ year contracted city attorney, Pete Smith, defended the appointment of the questionably-practicing-or-not lawyer saying, "He practices law every day as the Municipal Judge."  Well, there's another tall tale from someone known as the city's chief pathalogical tall tale teller.

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City to Issue $11,425,000 I Owe You

J. Wellington WimpyPrespending bond election procedes is nothing new to the City of Richardson.  When Cith Hall runs out of money, they issue an "I OWE YOU" until they can trick the citizens into voting for the next bond initiative. 

Reading carefully, notice their intent to siphon money from the accumulated surplus after over charging customers for water and sewer service and also grab some cash from property tax collections.  There must be something very special about the property across from Huffines Park that drove the Council to pull a fast one like this.

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