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The Hill Report
A Weekly Newsletter from Congressman Pete Sessions
Week of November 17 – 21, 2014

Last night President Obama announced plans to use an executive fiat to grant blanket amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.  The President’s unilateral action is a blatant abuse of power that disregards the Constitution.  Remarkably, the President is acting in a way that he himself admitted he could not do just a few years ago.  In refusing to work with Congress, the President has poisoned the well for any opportunity for real reform, undermined the rule of law, and ignored the wishes of the American people.

As a proud Texan, I understand the need to reform our broken immigration system. However, the President’s plan will only make a dangerous situation at the border worse. Individuals who have followed the law and gone through our immigration system the right way deserve better than this.  If the President wants real reform, he should listen to the voice of the American people through their elected representatives in Congress and follow the constitutional law making process instead of unilaterally ruling behind the guise of executive power.

I believe for true immigration reform to be effective we must first and foremost secure our borders, strengthen interior enforcement, and prosecute and deport criminal aliens who are currently in the United States. I remain committed to vigorously working with my colleagues in the House of Representatives and the Senate to offer real meaningful solutions that address the problems of our severely broken immigration system.

Legislation passed this week in the House of Representatives 
This week the House of Representatives acted to pass legislation that would provide much needed reform to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and that would help spur robust job growth in our manufacturing sector.  

On Tuesday the House passed H.R. 1422, the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, to ensure unbiased and balanced participation on the panel that provides the foundation for costly EPA regulations. On Wednesday the House passed H.R. 4012, the Secret Science Reform Act, which would require the EPA to base its regulations on science that is available to the public and subject to independent review. These two bills would serve as a critical step to create greater transparency in the federal government and ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently and effectively. 

On Thursday the House passed H.R. 4795, the Promoting New Manufacturing Act. Recently our country has seen a historic expansion in our energy sector, which has created a historic opportunity for a manufacturing boom. Increased manufacturing projects would generate much-needed economic investment and create thousands of good-paying jobs for hard-working Americans. However, investment in such projects has been hindered due to burdensome regulations and unnecessary red tape imposed by the EPA’s lengthy preconstruction permitting process. H.R. 4795 would cut through the red tape, create a more efficient and transparent process, and get government out of the way  in order to jumpstart new manufacturing projects and create much-needed jobs. 

Meetings with Students
On Tuesday I met with North Texas students participating in AIPAC’s Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit in Washington, D.C. Each year AIPAC selects student leaders from around the country to participate in a national leadership conference. Students learn about the American political process and interact with Washington policy makers. I was impressed with the student’s articulate questions and delighted to see their interest in actions that the House of Representatives has taken which would support our ally, Israel. As we move forward in the fight against terrorism both in the Middle East and around the world please know that I remain a steadfast supporter of the Jewish State and committed to maintaining and protecting our nation’s ties with Israel – our strongest ally in the Middle East. 

Congressman Sessions meeting with students participating in AIPAC's Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with students from universities across the nation participating in the Washington Semester Program at American University. I enjoyed speaking with them about my role as Chairman of the House Rules Committee and explaining the Committee’s role in the legislative process. It is always a pleasure to hear the perspectives of the young leaders in our communities and to see their enthusiasm to participate in our nation’s democratic process.

Congressman Sessions talking with students from the Washington Semester Program at American University

North Texas Crime Commission
Monday night I had the pleasure of taking members of the North Texas Crime Commission on a tour of the Capitol. After the tour the group visited my office and we had a very productive discussion about the importance of law enforcement and the initiatives which keep the North Texas community safe. I always enjoy their annual visit and discussing their noteworthy work in the 32nd Congressional District. To learn more about their efforts, click here

Congressman Sessions meeting with the North Texas Crime Commission in a hearing room in the Capitol

Have a good weekend.


Pete Sessions
Member of Congress