Ted Cruz 141121

Sadly, we predicted it. Weeks ago, we warned that President Obama would defy Congress and the American people and unilaterally try to grant amnesty after the election.

And on November fourth, the American people spoke out loudly. You sent the largest Republican majority to Congress in decades to put a stop to the President's lawless amnesty.

But unfortunately, President Obama -- just last night -- did what he had previously and repeatedly admitted would be illegal.

Last night, in defiance of you, President Obama announced his plan for unconstitutional executive amnesty against the will of the American people. We must do everything humanly possible to stop it.


It’s incumbent upon the Republicans -- who were just elected by the American people as a referendum against this illegal amnesty -- to put an end to it. We have a plan to do just that.

If you support the rule of law and want to uphold the Constitution, I hope you’ll join us and take a stand against President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

Now is the time to lead. And we need your help to do it.

For Liberty,
Ted Cruz