2014 RIC Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the RIC typically includes a brief overview of major categories of funding sources and uses. Included in the about $1mm that has flowed through the RIC into the City coffers is $250K from ONCOR (grant for a park), $512K from NCTCOG (grant for trails along the CottonBelt) and $??? from Collin County (connector trails in the panhandle). City Manager, Dan Johnson, was asked about the CottonBelt and how can there be an allocation in the TIF if there is no project. He says that there is an old law on the books for a Municipal Management District. Here is what the Comptroller's office says about MMD's:

Municipal Management Districts

Chapter 375, Local Government Code

These districts, also called downtown management districts, are created within an existing commercial area to finance facilities, infrastructure and services beyond those already provided by individual property owners or the municipality. The improvements may be paid for by self-imposed property taxes, special assessments and impact fees, or by other charges on district property owners. The creation of the district does not relieve a city from providing basic services to the area. A district is created to supplement, not supplant, the municipal services available to the area. That didn't tell us much. So we found this from the City of Rowlett. http://www.ci.rowlett.tx.us/index.aspx?nid=1122 We did not realize MMD's had to be approved by the legislature. So there is this substantial CottonBelt project that is being pursued by Richardson City operatives and DART has no finding for it. And the legislature has turned it down twice. SO these City of Richardson operatives think the legislature will approve it. But beforehand, it will take the approval and buyin from City of Dallas, Carrollton and Plano. Which they do not have. When asked what Dan Johnson and the City of Richardson was going to do with the city's public funds allocated for the CottonBelt in the TIF and he said to pay off debt. Except that is a very different use than stated in the TIF. The whole idea of paying off debt brings a bigger set of questions. Here is the statute...this will take some study. http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/LG/htm/LG.375.htm